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Care packs help more than just

the person who receives them

Personal Care Packs is a social enterprise and trading subsidiary of registered charity Giving World (charity no. 1105883).

With 13 million people living in poverty, 100% of profits from care pack sales go to helping vulnerable and isolated people.

Started in 2001 by sisters Rama and Sujata, our sister charity Giving World redistributes brand new business end-of-line and discontinued stock to the people that need it most.*

Every £100 helps 200 people living in poverty or hardship:

  • warm clothing and blankets for elderly and homeless people;

  • packaged foods, clothing, toiletries, and household products to low income families;

  • activity sets, games, books and clothing to vulnerable children and young people.

*Every year UK businesses produce £2 billion worth of surplus goods (University of Leicester, 2013)

Watch the short videos below.

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