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Patients are often admitted to hospital at short notice. This means that some come ill-equipped for their stay without even basic hygiene essentials, at what is often a confusing and difficult time.

Evidence indicates that nurses spend more than 5 minutes per patient obtaining essential items, or people survive without, having a negative impact on their experience.

Our award-winning, low-cost*, high-impact Patient Care Packs, have been developed in collaboration with over 50 NHS trusts across the UK to improve all aspects of the patient experience at admission and throughout their stay. Our packs address the most common needs of patients and front-line staff, and support key NHS strategies around infection control, falls prevention, sleep, and good communication. Our in-house assembly offers the flexibility to tailor packs to your specific requirements and can include maps, questionnaires and information about staff and facilities, which will free up staff time to spend on nursing and compassionate care.

University of Leicester research proves that patient care packs improves healthcare efficiency, saving nurses more than 40 minutes per shift (1:8 patient ratio), enabling more effective nursing, and saving the cash strapped NHS £1,705 per band 4 nurse.

“Patients Care Packs serve as an ice breaker between myself and the patients to develop a good rapport,” Senior Nurse

*Prices vary according to content, starting at just 92p per pack, with discounts for bulk purchases. Contact us to find out more.

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