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East Midlands Academic Health Science Network

Our patient care packs were a runner-up in EMAHSN's 2015 Innovation in Healthcare awards and since then the EMAHSN has been supporting an innovative trial to provide packs of essential care items to patients entering hospital.

The initiative provides care packs for patients isolated without friends or family, or who are admitted to hospital in an emergency.

Over 4,000 packs were distributed to patients across East Midlands hospitals, following our national evaluation that showed they free up nursing time, enhance patient dignity, and support infection prevention and control.

Feedback from staff and patients is extremely positive. One patient, admitted late on a Sunday night to Nottingham City Hospital, said:
"I was embarrassed about not having anything with me as I was rushed in late at night with no spare clothes or toiletries. That morning a nurse gave me this pack which I was just so grateful for; it saved the day."

Deputy Divisional Nurse at Nottingham, John Gray said: 
"The packs have been distributed across the 2 large emergency admission units where patients are either short stay (up to 24 hours) or longer stay (2-3 days) before being admitted or discharged. Often patients are rushed in by their GP or 999 services and have no time to pack anything. The packs have been invaluable as they are everything someone needs in an emergency in a compact bag."

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