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Welcome Pack



Shower Gel/Soap*



Ear Plugs

Eye Mask

NHS-approved falls prevention socks

This innovative pack is designed to improve the patient admission and care experience, and support NHS strategies for infection control, falls prevention and noise at night. The pack contains the toiletries a patient needs to take care of their own personal hygiene, alongside the ear plugs and eye mask to help them get a good night's sleep. With the addition of NHS-approved falls prevention socks, this pack can help to reduce falls associated with inappropriate footwear on the wards, and the bright colour can be used to alert staff to a patient at high risk of falling. 

The packs can additionally be used to improve patient communication, by including cards or a booklet to reassure patients, explain the workings of the ward, or provide any other relevant details pertaining to their stay.

“Staff feel proud to be able to give a welcome pack, it makes it feel like it’s not all about trauma and medication. It has definitely helped to improve patient relationships and increase contact with patients.”

* Don't want shower gel or soap? See Frequently Asked Questions.

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